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The Problem with "Do It Yourself" Epoxy Floors

The problem with “Do It Yourself” epoxy is “FLOOR PREP”. The typical homeowner will either acid wash or power wash their concrete or both. That is not enough. The concrete has to be profiled (open the floor) so the epoxy will penetrate the concrete and really adhere. In order to do that you need either an industrial grade grinder or a shot-blaster. We use a Husqvarna PG820 grinder which weighs over 1000 lbs and is attached to a huge Husqvarna HEPA vacuum system which creates a virtual dust-free work area.

Epoxy is a great system and we install a lot of them every year. Industrial epoxy’s are much better than the epoxy you find at the “Big-box Stores” and will last, if installed correctly, a very long time. There are several options when it comes to coatings, for example, Poly-urea and Polyaspartic that look just like Epoxy, are just as tough as Epoxy, and cure very fast allowing for a quick return. All of these coating systems range in price from $6.50 to $12.50 per square foot installed.


We will inspect your floor and determine how extensive your floor prep will be and the look you are trying to achieve and give you a personalized estimate.

Concrete Polishing - A Multi-Steps Process

Remove existing coatings, if applicable, using a PCD, 16 or 25 grit metal bond diamond abrasive depending on the thickness of the existing coating.


Seal cracks and joints. 


Grind with 40 grit then 80 grit then 150 grit metal-bonded diamond making two passes with each. 


Apply Densifier*


Hone concrete with 100 grit then 200 grit then 400 grit resin-bond diamond making two passes each.


Apply Densifier*

Polish with 800 grit then 1500 grit resin-bond diamond making two passes each.

Apply Guard** and Burnish to high gloss finish.

*Densifier increases surface hardness, reduces dusting and improves stain resistance.

**Guard is a protective coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of the concrete.

The Average Cost Of Polished Concrete

Flooring details such as the size of the area, color (if you want stain or dye), finish (how shiny do you want the surface), and other customization can greatly affect the bottom line cost, Also factors like additional floor prep, damaged concrete or working around obstacles can also influence the price.

On average the cost of polishing concrete ranges from $4 to $6.50 per square foot with minimal floor prep and can be more if concrete rehab is required.

If you want to add stain or dye the average price range is $5.50 to $8.50 per square foot.


Note: If you are considering polished, stained, or dyed concrete and you are having a new slab poured please click the button below for concrete mix recommendations.

The Average Cost Of Resinous Coatings

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