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    Meet Craig Simon, his work ethic is simple and old fashioned - "Work hard and be productive, be fair and honest, go above and beyond, and take pride in the work you do".

Craig has over 35 years in the coatings application arena, in some of the harshest environments in the world, with over 40 years in the flooring industry as a whole. He stays at the top of the game by continually staying on the cutting edge, of not only polished concrete & resinous coatings, but the construction industry as a whole. Craig is always looking for what’s new and innovative.


Craig's resume is long and rich with experience including past clients like BP, Conoco Phillips, ASRC, Doyon, Kiewit, Fluor, as well as Federal, State, and the Armed Forces. 


Craig worked for many years bringing state of the art coatings, containment systems, and alternative building products to the aging oil and gas fields in Prudhoe Bay (Alaska's North Slope), the bush areas of Alaska, the Armed Forces, and State and Federal facilities.


Some of Craig's past accomplishments include the Bio Research Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Missile Defense fuel facilities at Fort Greely Alaska, BP Fin Fan Bays, Shops, Kitchens and Roofs on the North Slope of Alaska, Aircraft Hangers at Eielson AFB in North Pole Alaska, Motor Pools, Shops and Kitchens on Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks Alaska, and more.


With years working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska's North Slope, and bush areas of Alaska there isn’t much Craig hasn't run across.

Craig looks forward to new challenges, the ability to grow, and the opportunity to prove his capabilities. 


With a can-do attitude no job is too large or to small. 


Over 40 years in the business and he is still going strong.


Chris A. Said: We went with the raised aggregate look. As they got into working the floor It was apparent the quality of the concrete was subpar (very sandy) and wasn’t gonna be easy to grind & polish. The field Guys (Craig) took extra steps to work the concrete to ensure the floor turned out great.

Christopher E. Said: We were fortunate to have Craig as our project manager. Craig is a talented craftsman who clearly takes pride in his work. The crew grinded and polished a residential basement slab over five days. They kept a clean worksite (no dust traveled into the rest of the house), and they were professional and personable. The end result is exactly what we wanted.

Lee A. Said: the work was flawless, quick, priced right, and (weird to say) a garage floor I'm really proud of. Craig, who supervised my job was amazing as well.

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